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Ice Cream Cake, Summer 2020

Sun Kissed has been owned and operated in Humboldt County since 2013 but has always been involved in the local cannabis movement as well as our local community. Since we began as a business, we’ve been committed to sustainability, quality, and keeping true to our roots here in Humboldt. From our farms to our packaging, we rely on the most sustainable practices to keep our carbon footprint, and yours, at a minimum. Our nutrients are responsibly and locally sourced, our packaging is created with biodegradability in mind, and our cannabis is locally produced and sold.

Quality and attention to detail are also important to us, as we ourselves are cannabis connoisseurs. Our farms are seasonal and our production is on demand, making it easy to pay attention to detail during every step of the process and assure that only the finest flowers make it to the jar. Every year we curate a collection of diverse strains, some popular, some new discoveries and some personal favorites, but all sure to suite anyone’s craving. Find our products at a local dispensary near you! Click here to see a list of dispensaries we are currently available in.

Ice Cream Cake, Summer 2019